(2007) Learning Wellness: A Water Exercise Class in Zagreb, Croatia

in QualitativeDonald N.Roberson, Jr.

The research reported in this article investigated the dynamics of a water exercise class with older adults in Zagreb, Croatia. It focused on 3 classes of older swimmers at a community exercise center. A total of 105 participants were asked to complete a short questionnaire. The questionnaire contained items on demographics, use of free time, and the context of the class. In addition, 8 participants were interviewed for more detailed information. The findings were approved by several participants. A variety of people were trained to participate in the collection of data. The findings indicate that these older adults were primarily motivated to maintain and improve their health. Also important was the social dynamic of participating within a class. These older adults were very active in various projects outside of the exercise class. Interesting data also provide insightful information on the details of the swimming class, descriptions of health, and use of free time. In addition, the research provides a glimpse into the life of older adults and the culture of Zagreb, Croatia.

Educational Gerontology, v33 n8 p631-648 Aug 2007. Routledge: Taylor & Francis



Croatia, exercise, swimming, heath, wellness, learning, older people

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