(2012) Benefits of learning a foreign language in later life; a study of the perceptions of older British adults

in QualitativeRebecca Hooker, UK

The article presents findings from an interview study of 15 British older adults learning a foreign language. The participants are between 45 - 75 years old and from a wide range of social and educational backgrounds. Influenced by 'hermeneutic psychology', the study focuses on the benefits of 'leisure language learning.' It identifies and evidences multiple personal benefits experienced by these learners.

International Journal of Education and Ageing, Vol.2, No. 2, 107-124, May 2012, ISSN: 2044-5458

International Journal of Education and Ageing, 2 ,2 ,2012,107 - 123


older adults, benefits, learning, foreign language

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  • Hooker, IJEA Vol 2 No 2.pdf

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